Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hey future IITians and NITians. JEE Main 2015 is nearing. Here are few tips to follow before the exam and while writing the JEE Main examination.

Health is Wealth

Sleeping boy

While preparing for JEE kind exams, students often stay awake until midnight and study. It may help you in your preparation. But in long term, it affects your both physical and mental health. Being deprived of sleep, students lack concentration and lose their ability to think when it matters the most. Make sure you sleep for at least 6 hours a day. It refreshes your brain for another day of brainstorming.

Healthy food image

Avoid eating outside and junk foods a week before the exam. As summer is getting hotter, you need keep yourself hydrated. Make sure you drink lots of water and other natural sources like coconut water, fruit juices, etc. Before going into the examination room, drink some water. Dehydration can cause dizziness.

Exam Preparation

exam writing

Don't postpone any topic or chapter to be learnt on the day before the examination. Keep the last day for revision of formulas and concepts.

exam writing

Solve a model paper which can help you grow in confidence as well as getting you acquainted with the examination 'mood'.

Exam hate

If you are weak in any particular concept, don't try to learn or understand it the day before examination. You may get one question or no question at all from that concept. Instead of wasting time try to learn that, revise the concepts you know well and solve a problem or two.

on time

Visit the examination centre an hour before the exam or you may miss some important instructions.

While writing examination

Exam Panic fear

Don't 'panic'. Its the last you'll ever want to do in a competitive exam. Even if you cannot solve 4 or 5 successive questions, don't panic. Easy questions are out there waiting to be solved by you.


Start with the easiest subject for you. If you think a question will consume a lot of time or difficult to be solved, leave it for the last. Don't waste your time. Speed is very important for JEE. So don't sit on question which troubles you.

OMR shading

Don't leave the shading of ORS to the last minute. Start shading the OMR half an hour before the completion of alloted 3 hours.

Be confident!

Avoid the fear of exam. Some students have fear clinging on to them the moment they step inside the examination hall or get the question paper.

Believing in yourself is the most important thing you need before an exam.

 Best of Luck 

Important tips for writing JEE Main 2015

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