Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Chemistry is one of the subjects where there is lot to memorize. Not only some formulas of Physical chemistry but also some facts and figures in inorganic chemistry and some chemical reactions, reagents used and their mechanisms in organic chemistry. For last minute revision reading the whole chapter or syllabus again is not advisable. You need a formula booklet where you can find all the formulas and key points. Below, I give you a Chemistry formula booklet which you find useful for revising and reference.

Chemistry formulas and notes booklet for IIT JEE (PDF) [Resonance Gyan Sutra]

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Permutations and combinations is one chapter in Mathematics where questions asked in JEE Main (sometimes even in JEE Advanced) are of board (NCERT) level. But still if may trouble you sometimes. Here are some tips to enhance to knowledge of this chapter.

Permutation and combination Question Bank [PDF] - IIT JEE

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Notes, key concepts and formulae of the chapter Solutions and Colligative properties for JEE Main preparations

Solutions and Colligative properties - JEE Main Notes, key concepts and formulae

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