Saturday, 22 November 2014

JEE Main is easy to crack if you follow a definite strategy. All it requires is a little hard work and wise planning.Students are often concerned over their preparations for JEE examinations and most of the students are pessimistic of the results. Lack of confidence causes tension during exams which results in bad scores even though your are capable of scoring good scores. Below I have given some tips to follow while preparing for the JEE Main 2015 which will enable you to score good marks and boosts your confidence.

Preparation Tips for JEE Main 2015

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

dc pandey optics and modern physics solutions

Optics is one of the most important chapters of IIT-JEE physics. Once you understand the concepts even advanced problems will be easy to solve. Even though Modern physics is not important for JEE Advanced, its an easy way to score about 15-25 marks in JEE Main. You don't need to understand much in Modern physics - just formulas and other memory stuff.

About the book 'Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced Optics and Modern physics':

Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Optics & Modern Physics is a comprehensive book for students preparing for various engineering entrance examinations. The book comprises of chapters on electromagnetic waves, reflection of light, refraction of light, interference and diffraction of light, and semiconductors. In addition, the book consists of several solved and unsolved multiple choice questions for thorough practice and revision.

Here I've posted the solutions for problems in 'Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced Optics and Modern physics' by DC pandey.

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DC Pandey Optics and Modern physics solutions PDF

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