Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Permutation and combination Question Bank [PDF] - IIT JEE

Permutations and combinations is one chapter in Mathematics where questions asked in JEE Main (sometimes even in JEE Advanced) are of board (NCERT) level. But still if may trouble you sometimes. Here are some tips to enhance to knowledge of this chapter.

Chapter Tips - Permutation and combination :
  • Solve the problems of this chapter from NCERT Mathematics book Class XI.
  • Remember the ways of solving these and try to manipulate these methods with some minor changes to solve advanced problems. (Eg. Remember how to how to solve and differentiate problems on circular permutations and linear permutations.)
  • From the analysis of previous AIEEE and JEE Main papers, at least 1 - 2 questions come from this chapter and it may even extend up to 3 (It can’t be guaranteed though). So if you find these chapter difficult and if you are good at Geometry (Co-ordinate geometry, Straight line and Pair of Straight lines, Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, and Hyperbola) and Calculus (Limits, Continuity, Differentiation, Application of derivatives, Integral calculus, Areas) you may leave this chapter. But I must warn you that these are easy marks and even a single mark could be of great value in competitive examinations like JEE. At the most try to learn this chapter so they could prove useful for your board exams as they are essential for Probability which is a part of CBSE Class XII board syllabus as well as for JEE.

Here I provide you with a question bank on Permutations and Combinations which is of JEE Main level to test your knowledge and problem solving skills in this chapter.