Saturday, 11 October 2014

Solutions for Himanshu Pandey's Advanced problems in organic chemistry -PDF

Organic chemistry is as important as numerical and inorganic chemistry in JEE syllabus. In organic you have to work lot of problems so you can get acquainted with their nomenclature, isomerism, reactions and reagents. Advanced problems in organic chemistry by Himanshu Pandey is one good book which provides you with problems which enhances your knowledge in organic chemistry.

Features of this book

  • Every chapter contains whole spectrum of objective questions as adopted by IIT-JEE.
  • The contents of this book organized into chapters in ascending order of the concepts, as per demand by organic chemistry.
  • Teachers and students will find all type of problems that covers the core curriculum of typical organic chemistry.
  • All problems in this book are designed in such manner that option open up any conceptual doubt in the mind of students.
  • Maximum problems in this book are designed by combining two or more concepts. Answering them need thinking and deep knowledge.

You may not solve all the problems given in the book. Here are the solutions for the book which will clear your doubts.

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