Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Recommended Physics Books For IIT-JEE Preparation

Physics books for IIT JEE

Cracking of JEE Main and Advanced requires not only good preparation but also good books. There are range of IIT-JEE books available in the market out of which some can prove very useful for your preparation. Here are some of the well recommended JEE books so you don't have to get confused which book to buy.


1. Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Mechanics Part 1 by DC Pandey

'Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Mechanics Part 1'  comprises of chapters on units, dimensions and vectors, one-dimensional motion, projectile motion, laws of motion, work, power and energy, circular motion and conservation of linear momentum.

2. Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Mechanics Part 2 DC Pandey

'D. C. Pandey’s Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Mechanics – Part 2', published by Arihant Publications, is a comprehensive book for those who aspire to excel in the JEE exam. It discusses concepts like Units and Dimensions, Basic Mathematics, Vectors, Motion, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy, Centre of Mass, Power, Circular Motion, Conservation of Linear Momentum, and applications of all these concepts. The book includes questions like Single Correct Option, Multiple Correct Option, Assertion-Reason, and Comprehension. The two major sections of the book are JEE Main and JEE Advanced. All topics are explained in simple and lucid language for better comprehension.

3. Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Optics & Modern Physics DC Pandey

'Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Optics & Modern Physics' is a comprehensive book for students preparing for various engineering entrance examinations. The book comprises of chapters on electromagnetic waves, reflection of light, refraction of light, interference and diffraction of light, and semiconductors. In addition, the book consists of several solved and unsolved multiple choice questions for thorough practice and revision.

4. Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Electricity & Magnetism DC Pandey

'Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Electricity & Magnetism'  comprises of chapters on current electricity, electrostatics, capacitors, magnetics, electromagnetic induction and alternating current. In addition, the book consists of several chapterwise questions and multiple choice questions for thorough revision and final practice.

 5. Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Waves & Thermodynamics DC Pandey

'Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Waves & Thermodynamics' comprises of chapters on wave motion, superposition of waves, sound waves, thermometry, thermal expansion and kinetic theory of gases, laws of thermodynamics, calorimetry and heat transfer.

6. Concepts of Physics (Volume - 1) by H.C. Verma

The book starts with an Introduction to Physics and goes on to elucidate the concept of Physics and Mathematics in the second chapter. In the third chapter the author talks about Rest and Motion: Kinematics. In the fourth chapter he moves on to discuss the concept of Forces. Newton’s Laws of Motion is elaborated in the fifth chapter and the theory of Friction is expanded in the sixth chapter. The seventh and eighth chapters feature discussion on Circular Motion and Work and Energy while the focus of the tenth chapter is on Rotational Mechanics.

The details of Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion and Fluid Mechanics are developed in the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth chapters. The fourteenth and fifteenth chapters explain Some Mechanical Properties of Matter and Wave Motion and Waves on a String. The sixteenth and seventeenth chapters focus on Sound Waves and Light Waves while the eighteenth chapter stresses on the Geometrical Optics. The nineteenth chapter elaborates on Optical Instruments and Dispersion and Spectra, Speed of Light and Photometry is discussed in the twentieth, twenty-first and twenty-second chapter.

7. Concepts of Physics (Volume - 2) by H.C. Verma
Volume 2 of the Concepts of Physics starts with a chapter on Heat and Temperature. It moves on to explain the Kinetic Theory of Gases. The concepts of Calorimetry, Law of Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Specific Heat Capacities of Gases are discussed in the subsequent chapters. There are separate chapters on Gauss’s Law, Electric Field and Potential, and Capacitors.
The book also features chapters and detailed explanations on Electric Current in Conductors, Thermal and Chemical effects of Electric Current, and Magnetic Field. The author also elucidates on the concept of Permanent Magnets, Electromagnetic Induction and Electromagnetic Waves. He further stresses on the Magnetic Field due to a current, Magnetic Properties of Matter, Alternating Current and Electric Current through Gases. In the last chapters of the book, the author details out on Bohr’s Model and Physics of the Atom, Photoelectric Effect and Wave Particle Duality, X-rays, The Nucleus, Theory of Relativity and, Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices.
Each chapter has been intricately dealt with in the book. It is an ideal study book for all kinds of competitive exams like IIT-JEE and different types of state level exams for engineering and medicine.